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Cayman's Best Shore Diving

Map of Grand Cayman


Shore dive or snorkel Cayman's Best shallow reefs.

Map of Eden Rock and Devil's Grotto
Eden Rock and Devil's Grotto

Taken from Seapen's Cayman Guide

  • Enter the water near the Eden Rock Dive Shop where your equipment can be readied and you can simply walk into the water. You can conserve air by snorkeling out to the dive site since it's only a 140m (150yards) swim from shore to the buoys that mark the site, protecting divers below from speedboats and water-skiers. These buoys are visible from the shore and are clearly apparent in the aerial photograph. The sea floor is sandy and covered with small coral outcrops, rocks and sea-fans until you reach the large coral heads. The rocks become more and more frequent until they form a mini-wall. Past this the sea floor is sandy, but level and cleaner.

As you approach the sand gully (A), turn right (north) to Eden Rock. Light penetrates some of the caves from above while others are completely dark, so we recommend bringing along a flashlight. The best camera prey here is Glassy Sweepers who love the darkness of the tunnels. This is an excellent site to     photograph these and other nocturnal fish and a night dive by flashlight is highly recommended. This is a favorite tarpon haunt in the springtime, although there are always few around throughout the year. Take your time in the grottos and don't try to cover everything in a few minutes. Don't forget to explore the outside of the coral heads also. If you become confused and lose your sense of direction in the caves, remember that as a rule, they run lengthwise from the shore. Don't try to swim up and out – just follow the cave to its end and you'll be able to find your bearings.


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