Launched in 1983, Eden Rock Diving Center is a full service diving center dedicated to a fun and safe experience diving or snorkeling two of Grand Cayman best shallow reefs Eden Rock and Devil's Grotto. 


My wife and I undertook a Discovery Dive at Eden Rock Diving Center. You don't need any experience just the desire to see Grand Cayman from underwater. Whether you are coming off a cruise ship or staying on island make this your first stop for scuba.

They will teach you everything you need to know and the take you out for a dive. Nice people, great prices, small groups and wonderful memory...Thanks Deepa!


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Pirats Week in the Seventys!
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Eden Rock and Devil's Grotto two of Cayman most interesting reefs riddled with tunnels, caverns and grotto's, illuminated by rays of sunlight that stream in from skylights. Only a short swim from shore, you'll descend at the buoys to a maze of tunnels where big Tarpon and Barracuda like to hide. Parrot Fish, Sargent Majors, Yellow Tail Snappers, Turtles and an occasional Stingray are among the surprises that await you.

First Logo

Eden Rock Diving Center First Logo 1983

Eden Rock Diving Center

Eden Rock Diving Center 1st Building

First Local Open Water Course

First Local PADI Open Water Class

Margeta Freeman with Jack

Magreta and Jack with  second sign.

Stuart Freeman

Stuart PADI Instructor

Mario Blanchette

Mario PADI Instructor

Betty  Molnar

Betty PADI Instructor